BR Consulting was founded in 2012 by Brad Rach. After working as a marketing director for a small-medium sized internet company, Brad decided to branch out into consulting to provide marketing help for other small businesses. By focusing on smaller companies with more restricted budgets, BR Consulting is able to remain lean and efficient.

We dedicate ourselves to keeping up to date with the latest news in marketing and business, along with the most up-to-date technologies. By devoting a minimum of 20% of every day to training, we ensure that our staff are aware of current trends in the industries.

Mission Statement

BR Consulting seeks to fill a void in marketing for the small to medium sized businesses in Ottawa. We provide full service marketing to our clients at affordable rates while maintaining an outlook of continual internal training and development. By staying on the cutting edge of new marketing technologies and trends we will make sure that your business gets the skills and advancement you would expect from a large marketing agency. We work more efficiently due to our high knowledge intake to make sure that your money goes farther than it otherwise would.