Google Analytics Custom Reporting

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for finding out exactly how much and what kind of traffic your website is receiving. Google offers it free to use and it is a fantastic tool for all webmasters.

However it can be an overwhelming task for business owners or marketing managers who are unfamiliar with the application and how it works. With over 100 different analytical views, specialized conversion and goal options, and countless graphs and tables, Google Analytics is a powerful and complicated tool to completely utilize. BR Consulting can help you bridge the gap between the data Google Analytics is giving you, and what this information means.

Custom Google Analytics Reports

Rather than spend days sifting through the raw data from you Google Analytics, BR Consulting can prepare a report for you on a regular basis. Highlights of this report include what content has been the most popular among visitors and why, where most of your visitors have been coming from, and any risks that you’re facing such as customers not visiting the correct pages or leaving too quickly. We also can do custom goal tracking for you, if you want to know about certain links that are getting clicked or if you want to drive a certain level of traffic to certain webpages. BR Consulting doesn’t just stop at telling you what data is in your analytics, but we make recommendations with every report on steps to take to improve results and meet your goals.

Our reporting services are priced to fit your budget. We offer two standard plans, a monthly reporting feature for most businesses, but for those who want to stay on top of their data we have a more frequent weekly report.

Monthly Report:                $30
Weekly Report:                 $15

To speak with us about a customized Google Analytics report, contact us at by phone at (613)482-0586 or by email at