Advertising in the modern age can include both traditional forms of media and the more modern digital methods. BR Consulting can help you decide which media are the most effective for your business and budget, as well as planning and executing these advertising efforts.



Whether its putting an ad in a newspaper or creating brochures for a trade show, we can make sure that your advertising efforts are as effective as possible.  Print advertising has the advantages of presented a tangible piece that the audience can view multiple times.

Our print services also extend to designing business cards, letterhead, and any internal design products in addition to external advertisements.


Promotional Products

Promotional marketing materials are one of the most effective methods of building your brand, depending upon their use and execution. BR Consulting can ensure that you chose the right product for your business and provide guidance with the best execution to distribute it. We’ll work with one of our suppliers to pass on the best possible price to you.



Outdoor advertisements tend to be larger, and often times viewed for far less time than print, so emphasis is put in striking visuals that draw the potential customer in. We will design an exciting and engaging advertisement for you that is consistent with your brand’s messaging and perfectly delivers your desired calls to action.



Video based advertisements were once a major investment, far beyond the budget of small to medium sized businesses. However, with the new distribution channels available on the internet, you can leverage video advertisements in new ways to gain a larger audience. BR Consulting works with key partners to produce excellent quality promotional videos for your business. We will also advise you on the best methods to distribute and promote these videos, such as being hosted internally on your own website or being published through a channel such as YouTube.


Online Advertising

Online advertising is a large blanket term that covers any advertising that is primarily done online. This can be through paid search advertising, SEO, banner advertising on websites, or even ads on social media channels such as Facebook advertising or sponsored Twitter tweets. BR Consulting will determine the best online channels for your website to advertise in, and can create the proper banner and text ads to get your the maximum return on your investment.