Social Media Management

Social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and others have become an everyday part of modern technology. They provide important resources, especially for small businesses. Using social media platforms, local businesses can push information to customers, facilitate word of mouth advertising, and respond efficiently to customer questions and comments. If you’re not properly utilizing social media, you can lose out on crucial advertising opportunities.

Despite the worldwide reach of the internet, most social networks are more regionally based. People tend to friend, follow, or subscribe to people who they have either met, or share common interests with, and often times those interests are locally based. Because of this, properly reaching your customers with social media is paramount to effectively promoting your brand. Your customers can act as advocates for your product or service simply by interacting with you through social media. Their social network will notice their communication with you and often take that as a recommendation about your business’ quality. Because of this, constructing a proper social media presence is highly important to the small business owner.

However most smaller businesses are held back by one important problem: lack of resources. The small business owner usually doesn’t have time to leverage social media for their business purposes, and often they lack to knowledge and training to do it effectively. They also don’t have the customer base to necessitate a full time social media manager.

As a small business owner you face a challenge: you need to use social media to reach customers. If you don’t, your competition will. But how do you do it on a small business budget? BR Consulting has expanded its service offerings to solve exactly this problem. We now provide social media account reps who will operate your social networks for a very affordable cost. These services include having our staff devote time to posting daily content, answering customer communications, and providing regular updates regarding your business operations.

Because of our social media training and knowledge, we are able to operate your social networks efficiently and at very low cost. With our plan you can receive the following services

  • Constant Monitoring of Social Media Accounts.
  • Facilitating interaction with customer base through responding to comments, answering questions, and initiating contact with potential customers.
  • Managing of followers, friends, subscribers, etc to ensure quality customers are built and connections with poor quality accounts, such as spam accounts, are limited.

BR Consulting will provide you with a free consultation to discuss the social media channels that would work best for your business, and how we can help manage these channels for you. To book your consultation feel free to contact us through email at or by phone at (613)482-0586