Anchoring together every decision about brand, advertising, price, and more is your strategy. Your strategy is the foundation of all of your marketing efforts and is the one thing that can keep them all universally guided. However, making sure that your strategy is put together effectively can be a confusing and overwhelming task.

BR Consulting can work with even the smallest of businesses to make sure that you’re on track from a marketing perspective. Whether you’re a one man operation that needs guidance or if your current marketing plans require a revamp, BR Consulting can help.

Strategy isn’t as simple as the who, what, where, and the why; there are many complicated decisions associated with marketing strategy. BR Consulting is able to provide excellent services in the following areas:


Operating with a marketing budget is extremely important when it comes to your business’ efficiency. Budgets allow you to know how many work resources you can assign to marketing related tasks, how much money to invest in marketing tools and software, and of course your advertising expenditure. Without a proper budget, advertising cannot be properly scheduled and will not be as effective as needed.

BR Consulting looks at past and current performance, and consults with your executive team to determine a proper marketing budget for your organization. We then look at the most effective ways to allocate that budget for your business based on the growth metrics your company’s goals.

Your budget should reflect the goals of your organization and BR Consulting will make sure that your funds are properly allocated to meet those goals

Marketing Plan

One of the most neglected components of the overall business strategy for small businesses is a comprehensive marketing plan. The marketing plan outlines the goals and tactics for the marketing effort including important aspects such as

  • Pricing structure
  • Marketing Channels
  • Market Research
  • Brand Identity
  • Advertising Opportunities
  • SWOT Analysis

BR Consulting can build the marketing plan for you business form start to finish to ensure that your company has a clear vision of how to succeed and the steps to take.

Marketing Audit

Not just for accounting anymore. A Marketing audit is a systematic look at the marketing plan and marketing assets of a business. By looking into the internal and external aspects of your marketing strategy we’ll analyze whether your current strategy is effective, and ways that it can be improved. A good marketing audit comprises of many different tasks which can be requested on their own or a comprehensive audit can be done at once. Aspects of the audit include

  • Marketing Assets: Examining branding collateral such as logos and fonts for relevancy in the current market, as well as identifying important gaps in marketing assets (such as logos not being properly formatted if the business wished to expand into a social media channel.)
  • Competitive Environment: Examining all of the major competitive threats to you business. Who the alternative to your product are and the best ways to compete against them.
  • Internal marketing resources: Different from your brand assets, this includes your internal resources in the sense of employees and marketing channels that you can use. This portion of the audit assesses how you are currently using your resources, the best way to utilize them, and effective resources you can obtain.


Whether you need strategic advice related to the above, or something just isn’t working in your marketing efforts and you don’t know why, BR Consulting can help you find the answer. Contact us today for a free initial consultation of your current situation and needs. You can reach us by phone at (613)482-0586 or by email at